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We do parties for adults and children!


Aerial Yoga Parties Are:


  • Always FUN and safe

  • Fun for both Children and Parents!

  • Fun for Children with No Aerial experience

Intro to Aerial Fitness/Fundamentals
Aerial Flow
and Stretch
Aerial Starlight Restorative/Wind Down

This class is open to first-timers through all levels.  All newcomers to aerial fitness should attend our Intro to Aerial Yoga class a minimum of four times before moving to more advanced class formats.  Our Intro to Aerial Yoga is a restorative class in its own right so is a good choice for anyone of any level wanting deep stretches and core strengthening without rigorous poses.

Open to intermediate-to-advanced students who have completed a minimum of 4 Intro to Aerial sessions.  This is a flow-style class similar to Intro to Aerial but with the addition of more advanced progressions and poses and deeper core strengthening.  This is a good class for those who want to challenge themselves further or for athletes who deep stretching without the more rigorous stamina-building of our Aerial for Athletes class.

Wrap up that long day and come unwind with us.  This evening class is designed to encourage relaxation at the end of the day.  Formatted similarly to Fundamentals of Aerial Fitness, we conduct this class with dimmed and twinkling lights, relaxing music and a slightly longer savasana.

Aerial Power/Athletic Conditioning
for Teen Girls

This customized intermediate level aerial class is designed for competitive athletes or anyone seeking to combine a rigorous core workout with deeper stretches to create a balanced whole body, strength and flexibility.  Our students report improved athletic performance and recovery in a wide range of sports.  Our aerial hammocks provide stability and resistance for deeper stretches and supported inversions resulting in improved flexibility, decreased inflammation and decompression of the spine.  This is a great class for pushing through boundaries to achieve new levels of self-confidence, body awareness and a deeper mind-body connection.

Set down your books. Let go of your worries. This is your time. This class is dedicated to girls your age. We dare you not to smile or giggle as you dangle upside-down in assisted star. In this class we will move through the same progressions as our Intro to Aerial class, teaching supported poses and inversions with instruction and music geared toward teen girls. Classes are held once a week.

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